Paintless Dent Repair

At Colorworks, we make dents disappear.
Shopping carts, car doors and kid’s bikes - if you own a car, dents are a fact of life. But with Colorworks Dent Repair, getting rid of all of those bumps and bruises is a lot easier than you think.

Due to the flexibility of modern automotive paint, dents to today’s automobiles often cause no damage to the car’s original finish. Using the latest technology, our Certified Technicians can restore the damage and retain the car’s original factory paint.

Colorworks Certified Technicians have the tools, techniques and training to see the smallest finish details and erase most dents almost as fast as they happened.

Colorworks Paintless Dent Repair:
· Maintains your original factory paint
· Costs much less than traditional fill and paint methods
· Can be completed on-site
· Scuffs
· No sanding, filling or paint-matching

Colorworks Paintless Dent Repair restores your car to original condition - Guaranteed!